NPE – Counter Robbery – AAR

"Experience comes from failure. Wisdom comes from experience." -- Darryl Bolke I failed. In the moment of truth, I made a mistake. Fortunately... it was on the range, and didn't cost me my fortune, or my freedom, so I gained experience. I plan to keep working on the wisdom part for as long as I … Continue reading NPE – Counter Robbery – AAR

A Tale of Two States

There has been a public place mask mandate in place in Nevada for quite a while now. It was relaxed for a while, but then the governor said we'd all been bad so on with those masks, or off with your heads, seemed to be the unspoken message. Vaccinated or not everyone must cover their … Continue reading A Tale of Two States

The Shotgun Speed Drill

An excellent fundamental skills drill from Nate at That Shotgun Blog. This will really hone your emergency reloading skill.

That Shotgun Blog

There are not many shotgun specific drills out there beyond the really basic stuff. It is even harder to find “standards” type drills, or test, that have some sort of pass/fail metric. This one sort of gets us there. I think as more people shoot it, I will eventually assign time brackets for specific skill levels, like the FAST.

The good thing is, many drills designed for pistols can be adapted to the shotgun. That is essentially what I have done with this one. It is an adaptation of Langdon’s 9 Round Close Speed drill. Just without the headshots and some reloading because shotguns.

The drill is shot from 5 yards, which allows the use of birdshot or buckshot. The target used should be an IDPA target or some other target with an 8” high center chest scoring zone (there are a lot of them out there). Start position is…

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