In Praise of the SP-101

In the modern world of defensive firearms, the revolver is often considered passé by many. We are told they have limited ammunition capacity, have a difficult manual of arms, are slow to reload and are the choice old timers, boomers and Fudds who can't embrace the change that modern semi-auto pistols bring to defensive shooting. … Continue reading In Praise of the SP-101

Shotguns for Home Protection — Active Response Training

Greg Ellifritz is one of a small handful of highest shelf trainers in the country . When he writes or speaks, I read or listen. In this article he is making exactly the same points, backed up by evidence, that I have been making for years... first, that the shotgun is the most powerful tool … Continue reading Shotguns for Home Protection — Active Response Training

The Shotgun Speed Drill

An excellent fundamental skills drill from Nate at That Shotgun Blog. This will really hone your emergency reloading skill.

That Shotgun Blog

There are not many shotgun specific drills out there beyond the really basic stuff. It is even harder to find “standards” type drills, or test, that have some sort of pass/fail metric. This one sort of gets us there. I think as more people shoot it, I will eventually assign time brackets for specific skill levels, like the FAST.

The good thing is, many drills designed for pistols can be adapted to the shotgun. That is essentially what I have done with this one. It is an adaptation of Langdon’s 9 Round Close Speed drill. Just without the headshots and some reloading because shotguns.

The drill is shot from 5 yards, which allows the use of birdshot or buckshot. The target used should be an IDPA target or some other target with an 8” high center chest scoring zone (there are a lot of them out there). Start position is…

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Training Options During an Ammunition Shortage — CIVILIAN GUNFIGHTER

No, sorry, this is not an article about dry practice.  You should already be doing dry practice (a.k.a. “dry fire”) anyway.  While the current ammunition shortage might have you doing more dry practice in order to preserve the ammunition supplies you have on hand, this article is more about training options you might want to […]Training … Continue reading Training Options During an Ammunition Shortage — CIVILIAN GUNFIGHTER

Holding the line

The Nevada Legislature An open letter to the incoming, both newly elected and returning, members of the Nevada Legislature's Republican caucus: With the 81st session of the Legislature set to open on February 1st, 2021, it is important for the incoming Republican caucus to understand what is expected by the voters who are sending them … Continue reading Holding the line

Quote of the day—Patrick J. Buchanan — The View From North Central Idaho

American politics will be even more poisoned and polarized than it has been for the last four years. Tens of millions of Americans will see themselves as disfranchised and believe that the greatest champion they have had in decades was illegally driven from power by the same deep state-media conspiracy he fought for four years.…Quote of … Continue reading Quote of the day—Patrick J. Buchanan — The View From North Central Idaho