Josh Montgomery: 7 Tips To Overcome Your Fear Of Guns. — Mike The Gun Guy™

Perhaps you are happy with the Second Amendment, but you’re jittery about carrying a gun, it is high time you get over the fear so that the amendment can benefit you. If you have made up your mind to overcome the anti-gun culture, then adopt the tips in this post to overcome a fear of… via … Continue reading Josh Montgomery: 7 Tips To Overcome Your Fear Of Guns. — Mike The Gun Guy™


There will be blood

There has been a lot of bandying about on the presidential campaign trail, and in the media, lately as Democrats and elites seem to be elbowing each other out of the way to make the most ridiculous pronouncement on gun control. Chief among the lunacy was Beto O'Rourke's declaration that he would ban "assault weapons" … Continue reading There will be blood

Running the Snub – Recoil Management

Some solid testing and results from The Tactical Professor


First in a series about ‘Running the Snub.’

In a discussion of revolver reloading techniques on my 1000 Days of Dryfire Facebook group,  I posted a video of myself shooting the Alabama State IDPA Championship with a snub revolver.

The video generated the following question, which I think is worth some discussion and explanation.

Claude, I watched your video, and to me, you display amazing recoil management – the gun hardly moves. I was under the impression that snubbies are especially hard to shoot and control, particularly in this skill area. Can you share what you are doing to control recoil so well? Maybe details on how you grip the gun, and what kind of load you are firing?

Let’s deal with the simple questions first. I was shooting a two inch K frame at the Championship, which weighs almost twice what an Airweight J Frame does. That has…

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Shot in the Back! How does it happen? — Active Response Training

Written by Greg Ellifritz With predictable regularity, the media and various civil rights groups become indignantly incensed when the cops or an armed citizen shoot a criminal in the back. It somehow violates society’s ideal that all confrontations should be settled “face to face” and be a “fair fight.” That doesn’t happen very often… via Shot … Continue reading Shot in the Back! How does it happen? — Active Response Training

Accusation and Not Due Process: How #METOO Paved the Way for Red Flag Laws

An absolutely brilliant take from The Tactical Hermit.

The Tactical Hermit

I have always been a big fan of Steven Crowder, not only because I like the guy’s Politics but also because I think he is one of those unique comics that can take complex political and social issues and break them down in short comedic and hilarious skits that the general public can understand.

This one entitled “To KIll a #METOO Bird” is about how the #METOO movement coerced public perception, and Legal Opinion, away from DUE PROCESS to a lone woman’s accusation of rape or sexual assault being sufficient to take away a man’s freedom, assassinate his character and destroy his livelihood.

Due Process (which is guaranteed in the Fifth Amendment) is not that complex of a legal concept to understand.

It simply means EVERY PERSON accused of a crime has the RIGHT to a certain, prescribed order of legal processes. The belief that a Person is PRESUMED…

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Active Killer Advice Compendium — Active Response Training

The politics of active killers aside, this article from Greg Ellifritz at Active Response Training is an important read. Written by Greg Ellifritz After three large scale active killer attacks in this country last week, people want answers. People want to know what tactics and strategies will help them prevail should they be present during … Continue reading Active Killer Advice Compendium — Active Response Training