When the sheepdogs have no teeth

This is a photo of the door of a military recruiting center in Tennessee that was attacked today by, apparently, someone acting in the name of Allah.

I find it ironic that all the bullet holes are from the outside in, and all those bullets managed to miss the “gun free zone” sign on the door. None of the military members at that office were armed… following Department of Defense policy memorialized by that sign.

At another nearby location four United States Marines were shot and killed by the same guy. Those Marines were, by DoD policy, unarmed. They’ve been trained to fight on behalf of people who can’t fight for themselves and were left without the means to do so by a policy first instituted under Bush 41 and doubled down under the Clinton administration. The suspect was killed by local law enforcement after engaging responding officers in a gunfight at the second shooting location.

The comedy of it all harkens back to the Clinton era mantra of treating terror attacks on our shores as a law enforcement problem. We saw how well that approach worked on 9/11, didn’t we?

The sheepdogs who protect us could not protect themselves because their political masters have taken away the best tools available, which they’ve been highly trained at our expense to use judiciously. If they have no teeth how can they protect themselves, let alone the rest of us they are sworn to protect.

I honestly don’t care what anyone thinks about the private ownership of firearms on this matter. This nation is at war with a stateless enemy who has shown a willingness to attack anywhere at any time. Enemy operatives have been calling, as recently as the past few days, for attacks on our stateside military members in exactly this fashion. So how on God’s green earth can anyone make a cogent case for people who we’ve trained to fight to be left defenseless in the face of the enemy?

Meanwhile a typically tone deaf White House trotted out the president to call the attack deplorable, while at the same time tweeting out comments on the end of Ramadan. I suppose a spokesperson from CAIR will be next…..


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