Can I get coffee with that Danish?

I’m amused at the proliferation of memes coming out of Democrat political groups about the marvel that is Denmark. I spotted this dilly on a friend’s Facebook wall today courtesy of Occupy Democrats.

Well wow-wee zow-wee!!!  So much free… and every one in Denmark is happy!!! Let’s move America to that model now, they say.

The reality….. a 48.9% tax to GDP rate is the highest in the world. The Danish economy went into a deep recession in 2008 from which it has barely recovered and now private sector growth has started to slow over the past few quarters indicating that their economy is again headed into the tank. A housing bubble, and all bubbles pop, is ongoing. All of that “free stuff” may not cost the consumer money, but it still costs. And it only works if the public is willing to give away half or more of it’s income.

If Danes want to essentially be slaves to government, more power to them. Let us know how that happiness works out in the end.


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