Someone on the left gets it!

Thumbing through news and blogs at lunch today I landed on the Geeky Leftist. Not something you’d think I’d be interested in at face value but I enjoy reading divergent opinions and this is a prime example of why.

In a well thought out and thoroughly linked piece, the author makes a clear case why the Democrat’s have failed to pass new “common sense gun control” in the current climate.  His conclusion……….. shudder…..  it’s not the NRA. It’s because of what I’ve said all along; the statist left is so in love with it’s own propaganda that it cannot see the facts for what they are.

Here’s some facts….

Don’t believe it? Let’s go to the charts. Firearm background checks on the left, violent crime per 100,000 on the right, both through 2013.

Taken solely at face value of the background data, more guns does not equal more crime. The American people are smart enough to understand it and so, apparently, are a continuing majority of legislators at the federal level and in most of the states.

So I would urge my friends on the left, who can’t reconcile why anyone interested in living a long and healthy life would choose to own a firearm to be able to defend that life in the gravest extreme, to read through the Geeky Leftist and re-evaluate.  It’s about choices, after all.  If they choose not to own a firearm I respect that decision. I ask only that they respect my choice to own a firearm and beg that they focus their energies more correctly on criminals and reforming mental health availability and reporting…. where the problems really are.


3 thoughts on “Someone on the left gets it!

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