Who is the Big Dog?

I have been called both a Renaissance Man and a nerd. A saint and a sinner. I’ve abused my body in both my work and in recreation fghsCLUBthrough much of my life. I pay for it now with the aches and pains that are my constant companion.  In short, I’ve done a lot of things in my fifty some odd years and not all of them I am proud of. But I can say, in the words of a poet, that I’ve never intentionally hurt anyone.

I’m a multi-generation native Californian. Part of my family got here in 1850, and this state that has seen the successes of my family and myself has morphed incredibly in my lifetime… not all for the good. I’ve spent my adult life following politics, staying abreast of current events, enjoying motion pictures and studying history. I’ve been a cop, worked in the construction and hospitality industries, and in the operations division of a software company. I am a prolific writer, a voracious reader, a pretty decent photographer and a very skilled public speaker. I enjoy the role of raconteur nearly as much as I enjoy a well aged single malt scotch.

I’m a firearms instructor; handgun, rifle and shotgun, and a Range Safety Officer. I have been involved in the shooting sports since my teens. I’ve done lots of volunteer work over the years trying to give back some of the good things life has given me. Yet even with all that in my life I’ve found the time to be married to the sweetest, most decent person I’ve ever known for almost thirty years. I count that as the single greatest success of my life. All that I’ve done, learned and seen, I think, gives me a unique perspective.

I’m here on these pages to share that perspective; the views and opinions of one man through the prism that is the pragmatism of those of us who are actually from the West.


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