About Firearms

One of the things I enjoy in my life is the shooting sports. I’m a life member of the eeeeee-vil NRA, and I support the right to self defense.

I carried firearms day in and day out for over 20 years of my working life. I’ve shot competitively, I’ve hunted, I’ve fixed firearms when they are broken and I’ve even built a few myself from parts.  I understand that firearms are tools for a specific set of jobs and I understand that like any other tool they can be dangerous if used irresponsibly. A firearm that is used safely and responsibly is not going to jump and start shooting itself indiscriminately.

Citizens of the United States, and all free people everywhere, have a basic human right to be safe and secure against any aggressor meaning to do us harm. The overwhelming majority of people will never have to defend themselves from criminal attack but it makes perfect sense that if you have to, you want as much power as you can muster. You don’t have to choose to own or use a firearm to defend yourself, but you can choose to if you are responsible and obey the law. In that respect firearm rights are civil rights, and they have no less weight than the civil rights that Dr. King and millions of others struggled for over several generations. In fact, the modern gun control movement has very racist roots.

Life is about choices. I choose to own firearm and I respect your decision not to own them. This is why I tend to get a little worked up when gun control zealots use half truth and baked numbers to try and convince people who might be on the fence that I am two steps away from shooting up the nearest shopping mall simply because I choose to own firearms for sport and, if I have to, for personal defense.   This is part of why I am a firearms instructor; to help those who want to use a firearm for a legitimate purpose do so in a safe, legal and morally responsible way. If you’re in the neighborhood on a Sunday morning, come see me and I’ll happily introduce you to the clay shooting game.

It’s also why I am contribute words, deeds and cash to organizations that are proactively working to preserve our firearms rights.

So on this page I will periodically share items of interest and instruction about the shooting sports.  Just remember that how you choose is up to you and I don’t begrudge you the choice or your opinion. I ask only the same respect in return.


One of the things I do is write instructional articles on sport shotgunning for newsletter of the gun club I belong to.  If you have questions just leave a comment below.

Getting Started     Fitting and how to sight     Stance and setup

To Lead or not to lead      Next Steps        Patterning

Flights and hold points

The Eyes Really Do Have It 

To Bead or Not to Bead



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